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Ways and means: livelihood strategies 1984 to 2014

This audio presen­tation by Susan Jones at Work and Art, CRATE, UCA Canterbury, March 2015, considers the climate for visual artists’ practice and their artists’ ability to make a living. By refer­encing evidence and data from arts and cultural sources over the last thirty years and consid­ering insight from future forecasting, it identifies prevailing issues surrounding support to artists within the public sector. It concludes by artic­u­lating some of the inherent issues and challenges within the current and future ecology for artists and the contem­porary visual arts that need to be addressed by public funders and the sector alike. 

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Are there too many artists?

This paper used compar­ative data as a backdrop to a commentary designed to illuminate a discussion on whether there are Too many artists?’, raising a range of issues, questions and (mis)perceptions — in part about the role of artists in life in general and impact of state inter­vention and arts policy-making in particular.

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